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Our 10 x 5 units are great for camping gear, a motorcycle or other seasonal items. Pack in several boxes or a couple extra appliances. This unit is about the size of a large walk-in closet and will give you that extra space that you don't have in your own garage.

Monthly Rate:




Our 10x10 units will accommodate up to a 2 bedroom home¹ or some extra office furniture or merchandise. Waiting for a home to be built and just need a place for the big items in the meantime? This could be the right size for you.

Monthly Rate:




Our 10 x 15 units will fit up to a 3 bedroom home¹. This unit is great for those who are moving or need a little extra space for their business inventory. Don't forget the extra ceiling height! Stack it as high as you need to to take advantage of our spacious units!

Monthly Rate:




Our 10x20 units will accommodate up to a 4 bedroom home¹ or some extra office furniture or merchandise. Waiting for a home to be built or perhaps you need a place to store your ride between car shows? This is the space for you!

Monthly Rate:




Our 10x30 units will accommodate a car or truck and then some. These units can pack up to a 5 bedroom home¹ or can make managing your business inventory much easier. 

Monthly Rate:



Providing over 500 qu. ft. more than the 10x30, the 10x35 is the next best option if you have a few more things to store. This might be the perfect unit for you.

Monthly Rate:




Need extra space for toys and boats? Our 10x40 units will accommodate almost any need. With our 9' door openings, give you the extra width and height to easily get your larger items in. 

Monthly Rate:


¹ All unit size descriptions are approximate and actual capacity is subject to several factors, including but not limited to packing methods and relative item size.

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